Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jojo on the Road

We're in San Marcos for state solo and ensemble competition. I'm not crazy about San Marcos, but I was very excited about this trip because it is Josiah's first vacation ever. He handled the drive just fine... he slept the entire way. That was all well and good for the road, but the rest of the night may be less than fun for us since he's completely rested!

Traveling when you're nursing is no easy feat. Thankfully they make pumps of all different kinds to aid in such situations, but still, it hasn't been easy.

I think our hotel room has mildew in the carpet. It's damp and stinky. Great. And I recently stepped in it.

Travis is changing Josiah's diaper behind me, and all I hear is him saying, "Whew, tinky-tinky!" Lol.

My friend Kris Ann and my mother-in-law's friend Shannon threw Josiah a beautiful shower a few weeks ago. It was so nice for people to finally meet him who hadn't yet had the opportunity. We also received some lovely and very generous gifts from family and friends. I'm looking forward to visiting the outlet malls here in San Marcos because they have an Oshkosh outlet and a Carter's outlet. I just LOVE baby clothes. I can't have enough, and I love dressing him in cute little overalls and baby blue jeans. I have such a perfectly adorable palate to start with anyway, the rest is just icing.

I guess I'd better go. I don't know what we're doing for dinner, but wherever we go, I need to not look so gross.

New pictures soon to come.

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